Just how lazy can you get!

February 1, 2010

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention.  I disagree.  It may be the father of invention, but the mother of invention is laziness.  And I am lazy, really really lazy.  I also get bored doing simple repetitive tasks.  Sounds pretty normal eh?  Well, I will claim to out-lazy the lot of ya!   You see, I am so lazy I have invented an assembly line paradigm for software development.  Think what that did for the manufacturing industry – imagine the cost of a toaster if built by hand from raw materials – even with the worlds best power tools.  $1000+ for sure – every hour of labour will cost you, and there’s a lot of labour in a toaster formed from sheet metal.

So some lazy guy decided do a bit of hard yakka – create some standards, do some design, build a factory to prefab components etc and then he just watched it tick along.  churning out high quality consistent yet inexpensive goods.

The amazing thing with software development is that we are abstract – we consume no raw materials!  So we don’t need to actually prefab anything – we just design them and conjure them up at will – and zero cost.

Sounds really good to me.  So, I ask, why is the rest of the world seeking power tools?  Bigger, faster, stronger, quicker power tools.  And thats just what the vendors are giving us.  Stop and think about this – isn’t it simple – why don’t we ask the vendors for true reuse – an assembly line for software development.  Maybe they’re not lazy enough, in the right way.  Or maybe they like doing simple repetitive tasks – starting each project from a clean slate and building the foundations again.  And each screen/class/? from scratch.

I wont say it’s not hard – because it is.  Or rather it was.  Its done now, and we at expanz are living off the avails.

Code is not a bad thing – it needs to be written.  Once.  Anything more than that is wrong.  We all normalise our databases, but love to repeat code.  And test it, and fix, and test it and write some more and then fix that.  If most of the code of a project was inherited from previous work, there’s that much less to test and fix.

So let’s get all you lazy people out there to challenge the vendors to give us something really useful to us – give us an assembly line, not power tools.

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