What I want for Christmas

October 7, 2011

It is early October so you got start dropping hints now…

This year, I am going to try a different tack.  I have enough undies, socks, beer steins etc.  What I dont have… is time.  And it seems I am not alone… the world over has software developers working crazy hours, and still coming over budget and late.  And buggy.  So I have been thinking – ok dreaming – of a way to fix this.  Its Friday, beers at the 4Pines, but I want to be able to finish the day at 5, not 7:30.  Its thirsty work, I am motivated.

What I want for Christmas is…

[deep breath]

A software development platform that lets me model, draw lots of pictures.  Kinda UML-ish but better.  I want a DSL, a customisable, extensible DSL that the modeller understands.  I want code reuse – I am so tired of lifting stuff from here & there.  I want to write code – good code – once.  Twice is too many.  I really want to separate my presentation layer from my business layer.  I want to draw my screens, not code them.  In any technology – iPhone, XAML, Android, HTML5… I want an ORM that does everything for me – that an ORM should do.  So it should just let me write SQL if I want, or use stored procs and triggers.  If I want.  If not it does it all for me.  No code – just pictures.  And I want it to run anywhere – cloud, my laptop, Azure, datacentre….  With one click.  And I dont want to worry about scalability – just scale it for me.  And I want easy testing and debugging.   And logging.

[/Deep Breath]

Santa Clause, are you listening?  I sure hope the folks at Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and IBM are because they’re the ones who can grant me my wish.

One comment

  1. Sounds like you’re in need of meta-programming; software to take a model and turn it into code. Take a look at the Eclipse Modelling Framework (http://www.eclipse.org/modeling/emf/docs/), or prof. Czarnecki’s work on software modelling (http://gsd.uwaterloo.ca/kczarnec). I’d also checkout TaskTop (http://tasktop.com) which can be used to build models from developer IDE interactions (I actually wrote a paper on that idea).

    Oh, wait. You meant Expanz! 🙂
    I want Expanz, too – when are we going to get it? Before Christmas?

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